Accept the things we cannot change, Courageously changing the things we can, And have wisdom to know the difference.

We replace ignorance with knowledge and are a clear voice on gun rights, ownership, and responsibility in a world with mass shootings, violence against women, and many confusing political battles being fought over our right to own and bear arms. We teach respect for gun laws and responsibility as a gun owner. We don’t tout the biggest baddest loudest guns – We find what is right for you, for your needs and lifestyle and train you in that.

Our material is for all levels. We teach the basics to the advanced and break down the process for our students one step at a time so they are completely confident in their knowledge and ability to handle, load and fire a gun or use a non lethal weapon for protection. We focus on fundamentals and build everything from there.

We foster gun safety and 2nd amendment rights through right gun education, safe environments, and friendly open woman run classes that focus on knowledge, hands on practice, and encouragement.

Victoria Wojciechowski (pronounced “Where’s-your-house-key”)

As a victim of rape and having a threat made on her life, Victoria knows what it is like to live in fear. When she was told “a restraining order is only a piece of paper, learn how to protect yourself”. She realized she needed to get educated on how to protect herself, gain confidence and have sovereignty over her own body and life.

Victoria a life long educator, loves to see her students go from fear to empowerment. We prepare our students for something we pray never happens. She sees being a woman in a predominately male profession as an asset and uses that to impact her clients in a positive, encouraging and safe manner.

To provide the ladies the option to choose sovereignty and empowerment over fear. To let them know they are not alone, that one out of three of us have been violated and we have a right to learn how to protect ourselves. If by sharing my experiences, I can assist one woman from having to endure what I went through, then it is worth it to help comfort another.

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